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Shells and Beads


Memory Wire
SC 7-1
Yarn: Fine cotton
Beads: Metal with design
2 1/2 across...3 1/2 long
Matching earrings

$ 25.00 set
    SC 7-5
    Yarn: Fine
    Beads: Various
    shapes and
    2 1/2 across....
    3 1/2 long

$25.00 set
SC 7- 6 (six)
Yarn: Medium Cotton
Beads: Metal, silver on black design
2 3/4 across x 3 1/2 plus beads
$25.00 set
SC 7 - 7
Yarn: Medium Cotton
Beads: Glass, wood, designed
3 1/4 x 3 1/2 plus beads
$25.00 set
SC 7- 11
Yarn: Medium cotton
Beads: Glass, metal, silver
Elephant Pin
3 x 3 plus beads
$25.00 set
Yarn: Cotton
Beads: Wood with painted
designs, glass,
4 across x 3 plus beads

$25.00 set
SC 7- 12
Yarn: Cotton
Beads: Pearl
4 across...2 1/2 long

Set $25.00
SC 7 - 16
Yarn: Mix, acrylic black
with gold thread
Beads: glass, gold metal

4 across x 3 1/2 long

$25.00 set
SC 7 - 13
Yarn: Medium cotton
Decoration: Peacock pin,
glass, metal beads
2 across x 4 plus beads
$25.00 set
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STOMA COVERS....N E C K L A C E S   without earrings......$15.00

Most can be put on Memory Wire...$25.00 total cost
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7 S 1
Black with gold thread
Mixed content
3 3/4 across x 4 1/4 long
7 S 2
Black with gold thread
Mixed content
3 1/2 across x 2 long
SC 7 -18
All brass color, not green as it

2 1/2 inches across...3 1/2 long,
not including beads

No earrings

All items are one of a kind, and subject to prior sale.

1. Please email me to be sure the item is available.

After you make your choice and want to pay with your
credit card, I will send you a "REQUEST FOR PAYMENT "
from PayPal
All you have to do, is fill in the forms with your
information...very simple

I will accept personal checks

I will gladly return the cost of the item, not shipping
charges, if the item is not what will work for you...or not
be what you had expected. I want you to be happy and
Item must be returned in perfect condition.
Black cotton
4 at widest x 4 long
Black Cotton
4 across x 3 1/2 long
Nylon yarn
3 1/2 inches round
Black cotton center with silver /
gray trim
Designed silver beads
Matching earrings
4 1/2 across....3 1/2 long

$25.00 set
Black cotton center
Trim: Gold thread with
shiney gold highlights.
4 across
3 1/2 long
7S - 24
CS7 - 19
Black Cotton Crochet with
multicolor trim
Center is 2 inch silver color
ring, with multicolor Iridescent
Earrings not shown.
7 S - 27
Black cotton
3 1\2 inches
7 S - 28   SMALL
Lots of open air passage
Fine Black Cotton Thread
3 across
2 3/4 long
7S -31
Black Cotton
4 1/4 " round

7S -30
Black Cotton
4" long x 3 " wide

7S - 32
Black Cotton
3 1/2 long x 4 long


Please email me about availability,
as each is one of a kind,
and is subject to  prior sale.


When you make a choice and what
to pay with your credit card...I will
have PayPal send a form: request

You fill in the information requested.
I am informed of payment and I mail
to address on PayPal, unless
requested to send to another

You do not need a PayPal account.
Black cotton, with gold thread trim.
4 1/4 across x 3 1/2 long
Decoration is a golden dragon pin, with
green eye and can be removed.
Rather an exotic piece

SC 7-34
Black cotton thread
4  across x 4 1/4 long
Decoration is a leopard leaping...
a pin that can be removed...
gold in color with fine detail...

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throat cancer, esophagus cancer, laryngectomee...stoma covers

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Stoma Covers are decorative in nature,and are NOT filters or

All are handcrafted... most are one of a kind...inquire