Mary Klose

Making stoma covers, began after my niece had her
throat cancer operation..Mary was a very stylish lady,
and always was a "knock out" whether in jeans or a
velvet cocktail dress...she often wore scarfs to cover
her larynx surgery site...or high collars, turtle necks.
We were always on the search to find something
special that would cover...I had a  belt that had a very
large shell, that I bought  in Hawaii, and we shortened
the ties, and it was a very interesting piece.

We were in an art gallery, which is located in a park in
San Diego... where a lovely (in the tune of over $150)
crochet necklace was shown. Mary considered buying
this piece, but we decided that we could go home and
get our creative juices flowing. We design and make a
similar piece which was actually a better concept for
her purpose than the original piece, being washable,
smaller, and lighter weight.

I am an artist and jewelry designer, Mary, an
artist...putting our heads together and hands to work
we made our first Stoma Cover..the first pieces were
made from wonderful beads and yarn we found in a
family trunk,  left by her mother-in-law that made fabric
wall hangings...

Mary had a stoma cover for every outfit that she wore,
and was very stylish, and received many compliments
on her designed, one of a kind neck piece.
Since Mary's passing, I have continued to make these
stoma covers, always looking for interesting yarn and
beads...and keeping my hands busy and my designing
an ongoing pleasure...
I offer these unusual pieces to you...they have a price,
but if any person that has had their larynx removed,
and doesn't have extra money...I would like to have
them write and let me know of their situation..
I have been given an artistic gift, and I am willing to
share with those that can not afford to purchase, yet
have the desire to LOOK GOOD.  

'B O U T    B O W

I was raised on the beach in San Diego, California, where
the love of the outdoors and appreciation of the vibrant
colors of nature were an early influence, and now evident
in the art pieces I create.  These pieces are in various
media, batik, watercolor, acrylic and enameling.  

Early childhood days were spent exploring the mud flats
that were in the middle of Mission Bay. We sailed, and
swam, collected paper dolls from the Sunday funnies, our
imaginations were quite active, as we played pirates and
dressed up pretending we were princesses. I feel
fortunate to have grown up years ago, where we had no
fears and were free to roam and went barefooted,
well some things never change.

I have always enjoyed working, and during the years that
my children were young, I was fortunate enough to have
jobs with oil companies as a geological and geophysical
draftsman also worked in the land department working on
maps and plotting leases/information...
In those years, OIL was KING in the Central Valley of Calif,
with a lot of exploration within the state and in Alaska .  I
was able to work the hours and days that I wanted, by
contracting my time. There were days that I wanted to play
golf or attend my sons ballgames and was able to do that...
My daughter had a horse, we had a pool so Mom was
needed at home when school was out.

After my son and daughter were raised, Hawaii was my
home for many years, where I worked as an illustrator at
Hickam AFB, and for the Navy, as supervisor for Third Fleet
Headquarters graphics shop, on Ford Island in the middle
of Pearl Harbor. I rode a ferry to and from work everyday.  
The sunrise over the mountains, and the beautiful cloud
formations started every day with a calm, peaceful feeling.  
My staff and I produced the artwork for the production of
slides, training aides, maps, and publications used in the
training of the Pacific Fleet.  

Living in Hawaii, travel to Southeast Asia (Thailand,
Singapore, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand
and Indonesia) was convenient and exposed me to the
various art forms and designs of the area.

Upon retirement I made a dream come true.  Never had
traveled across our vast, great country, had never seen
the Mississippi, or the Atlantic Ocean.  Home for almost a
year was a 21-foot motor home, traveling from San Diego to
Bangor, Maine, to Key West, Fla. and back to San Diego.  
There was no plan, no time restraints, just where the spirit
moved or fellow travelers would suggest a turn in the
On this trip I had no TV, no computer, no phone…only my
art supplies.  I entered a few art shows along the way, and
sold a few pieces of jewelry to other campers. I visited with
family and the military friends that had moved on from
Hawaii to towns across the nation

Enjoyed the life of a latent hippie....gypsy...no plans, no
routine, no place to go, no time to be there
I returned to Topsail Island, North Carolina to live for
several years. Living on a remote, seaside barrier island,
every day started off with a beautiful sunrise over the
ocean, while the dolphins swam and played in the surf, the
pelicans flew in formation over head, summer brought the
nesting turtles.  This experience gave me the opportunity
to feel the spirit and solitude of the sea and the life along
the shore. In this setting I found an inner peace that can’t
be found any other place, for me.   Many of my creations, in
jewelry and paintings depict this love of the sea and the
inhabitants. It was at this time that I started selling my art to
retail stores in the coastal towns of North Carolina. I have
marketed my “Things/Creations” in art shows and galleries,
and stores in North and South Carolina, Hawaii, California,
Washington, Alaska and Florida.

I experienced Hurricane Fran in N.C. ...My building was
closed for repairs for a year...I returned to San Diego and
when  I was able to return...it was not the same...they say
you can't go back...think that is true.  I had friends in Mt.
Dora, Florida and visited them and fell in love with the little
town, which was close enough to the ocean that I could
drive for my SEASIDE FIX.

Leaving Florida when my niece was diagnosed with cancer,
I lived with my nephew, Mike and Mary, until her passing...
Followed by a few years of taking care of family business, I
am back in Hawaii .
NOW 2010, I'm back in California

Living in a house I bought over the internet

if I had a theme for my life..it would be to

as all things ARE temporary,
the best of times and the other..
all things change...
and that is a good thing.

The good things are here to enjoy at the time
The bad things will pass in time, giving us hope for the
AND people we love matter most
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Chemo Hats
Chemo Hats

Mary in Mexico,
wearing a collar
with beads, that
matched her
sheer navy and
burgundy  dress
The very first Stoma Cover...
I make or modify, all the Stoma Covers shown on this
Constantly on the look out for yarn, beads, yardage
and ideas that would work
I love corresponding with the customers, learning of
their families, activities and
sometimes of the hard times that they experience...

I try to fill the special needs that my customers have,
following throat surgery

throat cancer, esophagus cancer, laryngectomee...stoma covers

Dedication Page of this site

In honor of my niece, Mary Klose, who had esophagus cancer and
needed fashionable stoma covers for her outfits

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